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Paycast for marketplaces

Paycast helps all flavours of marketplace to grow by removing the added stress of payments and letting them get back to what they do best.

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Who we enable

High value transactions High value

From fine art to fashion, classic cars to watches, we support every type of luxury goods transaction.

Agree deal Service-led

From booking holidays to planning projects, paying for works or getting paid, we secure the transactions where timing matters.

Mass market Mass market

From fast food to fast fashion, preloved to purpose made, we deliver mass payouts at the speed you need to match buyer demand.


Realtime checks; verifying the parties for every transaction

No matter what value or volume of payment solutions you need, verifying buyer and seller transactions will always be a core requirement.

Let Paycast manage the realtime checks on parties for every transaction, and let you get back to doing what you do best.

Sanction checks Buyer & seller verification
Bank account verfication checks Bank account checks
Verify payment Rolling PEPs & sanction checks

Protected funds; ready to process when transaction conditions have been met

When transactions are anything but average and ordinary, Paycast can help minimise risk by holding funds on behalf of the marketplace for the benefit of the buyer and seller.

When the conditions of the transaction have been met, Paycast can release funds on instruction from the marketplace.

Transaction risk Minimise transaction risk
Limitless payout via card Money in
Hold money Hold money

Limitless payout; any value, any volume transactions

Remove the complexity of marketplace payouts with our industry-leading, automated payout experience that is designed to set marketplaces and sellers up for success.

Payment flows that work for your unique needs, including data reconciliation, refunds and same-day payout.

Money out
Limitiless payout via bank Payout via bank and card
Time sensitive Same day, mass payout
Account to account refund Account to account refunds

Our customers

Remove your limitations. Grow with Paycast.

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