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The marketplace payment engine

Paycast is a secure disbursement engine that works alongside payment service providers to pay out to your platform's users and sellers.

Our PSD2-compliant solution is easy to integrate and removes the need for you to be regulated for the distribution of funds.

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icon-charcoal-verify Onboard users
icon-charcoal-vault Hold funds
icon-charcoal-wallet Pay out
icon-charcoal-shield Be compliant

Onboard your users

Verify your users so they can receive funds in line with your compliance requirements

Quickly and smoothly onboard your customers with our flexible, compliant and fully-digital onboarding services.

Enable users to be paid securely and let us take care of all the due diligence elements including KYC, AML and other required checks.


Hold funds in escrow

Provide added protection for transactions of any value or complexity

Your users can hold funds in escrow for transactions that are of high value or that have fund release terms. Funds can be held for any period of time to ensure the transaction conditions are met or items are delivered.

Our escrow technology and processes also allow you to complete mass payouts to any number of payees at once.


Make payouts

We take care of paying your users so you can run your business

Our PSD2-compliant solution removes your operational burden and costs for becoming regulated to make payments. Paycast provides you with all the tools so you can quickly pay out to your users globally, no matter what business model you run.

With just a simple integration, settle funds to your users' destination of choice with payment flow automations that work for you.


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